Saturday, March 20, 2010

Uh oh...

Haven't posted in March so far...not really a big deal since I have no followers. 

Purpose of this blog was to try to keep me focused on my Nickel and Dime mindset anyway.  Not sure if I have had any random visits.  The blog is probably only interesting to me at this point so I wouldn't follow me either if I was someone else!

Let's see...what haveI been doing to keep with the new mindset...

Continuing to improve my recycling focus.  Have recycled for years, but getting more focused on the small things too.  Taking more things to the thrift store as well.

Still have not broken down and done any real shopping for clothing I don't need.  I have  gone over my limit  slightly: "6 months of no apparel shopping other than only buying things that are 10.00 or less that I actually need."  There has been a 12.00 or 15.00 purchase several times but other than that I have done well.  To have set a limit of buying no clothes, etc. for 6 months unless clearance sale of 10.00 or less was pretty harsh.  Next time I'll set the limit at 15.00.

Gave up meat for Lent as it was a good time to try to skew my food more toward plant based items.  Next time I think I will allow seafood instead banning all meat.  Have slipped up once for some yummy shrimp.  Ashamed, but...oh well.  Still sticking to it otherwise.

I am not a rigid person and the point of the two above initiatives was to improve my actions in those areas, therefore, so far I consider both to be a success. I think once they are over, there will be a trend toward less shopping and meat based food items.

Oh, and also am moving to new house where I will no longer have a mortgage payment (or a very small one) once I sell this house.  This fits in with my overall scheme, but since I have to get the house ready for the showings today, I will not spin the tale just yet.

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