Sunday, July 4, 2010

Update: Big Changes...

Yes, indeed.  I found a buyer for my house and we negotiated a contract.   Unfortunately, the house I was under contract for was a secret money pit and I backed out, BUT I was still obligated to go through with the sale of my house, effectively rendering us homeless!

Feeling burned by my almost purchase of a house accessorized with a buried tank coated with friable asbestos, I was reluctant to make any hasty decisions.  I absolutely was/am tired of having to deal with carpenter bees and watching as cracks in the driveway multiply and the other joys of home ownership. We are now in an apartment.  There's sort of a swinging eighties nostalgia about living in an apartment complex and the one we are in was actually built in the 80's.  It is beautifully landscaped with mature plantings and wooded all the way around the complex.  Large windows that  look out into the woods and a private screen porch and deck are the best features.  When we first moved in I felt almost like I was staying in a resort and would have a cocktail while taking the dog on his evening walk.

So anyway, now my student loan is paid off, the car is paid for and I am totally liquid.  The bulk of the proceeds are in a savings account and I'm not sure what I want to do.  Not sure if I ever want to own a home again.

I realize that this post is not the point of this blog, but I have been sidetracked for the past two months with the house business and I am now trying to regroup and come out of the limbo I am in.  (moved June 10 and don't feel settled at all)

But, nickel and dime is not forgotten... :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Uh oh...

Haven't posted in March so far...not really a big deal since I have no followers. 

Purpose of this blog was to try to keep me focused on my Nickel and Dime mindset anyway.  Not sure if I have had any random visits.  The blog is probably only interesting to me at this point so I wouldn't follow me either if I was someone else!

Let's see...what haveI been doing to keep with the new mindset...

Continuing to improve my recycling focus.  Have recycled for years, but getting more focused on the small things too.  Taking more things to the thrift store as well.

Still have not broken down and done any real shopping for clothing I don't need.  I have  gone over my limit  slightly: "6 months of no apparel shopping other than only buying things that are 10.00 or less that I actually need."  There has been a 12.00 or 15.00 purchase several times but other than that I have done well.  To have set a limit of buying no clothes, etc. for 6 months unless clearance sale of 10.00 or less was pretty harsh.  Next time I'll set the limit at 15.00.

Gave up meat for Lent as it was a good time to try to skew my food more toward plant based items.  Next time I think I will allow seafood instead banning all meat.  Have slipped up once for some yummy shrimp.  Ashamed, but...oh well.  Still sticking to it otherwise.

I am not a rigid person and the point of the two above initiatives was to improve my actions in those areas, therefore, so far I consider both to be a success. I think once they are over, there will be a trend toward less shopping and meat based food items.

Oh, and also am moving to new house where I will no longer have a mortgage payment (or a very small one) once I sell this house.  This fits in with my overall scheme, but since I have to get the house ready for the showings today, I will not spin the tale just yet.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Downsizing! Woo hoo!

Downsizing the mortage payment, but not the square footage!   My offer accepted, contingent on my current house selling.

I was so ready for the small changes this year and now it looks like there is a big one coming too!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ugh. Very bad day. Sad.  I am not sure what just happened, (well, I know what happened; I just have no idea why.) except maybe I am just sort of retarded and don't know it...because I am sort of retarded.

Now, I just want to give up on everything.  Nothing really matters.   Blah, blah, blah, you know the routine.  I'm feeling the real angst, but the thing about it is, I will likely feel back to normal tomorrow or soon thereabouts.  Because I am slightly retarded?

Cryptic? Yes, not that anyone reads this though, but if someone did, they just might be from my employer - who knows?

Spell check, schmell check, whatever...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Round One: Success

Was notified that the suggestion I recently submitted at work has been sent to IT for consideration.  (see previous post)  Most ideas don't actually make it to the department level, so that is promising!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Checking in... "Great Ideas"

So it's been 2 weeks. No clothing purchases.  Two weeks is easy...six months won't be, but I am determined. 

For the record, if I were to be offered a chance to interview for a fabulous new job, I would have to make an exception as I have no appropriate interview attire. I haven't bought a suit in 10 years and I have given most of them away by now anyway.  It would have to be a fabulous job too, (ie: something I actually love to do) rather than some type of worker bee position.

Anyway, just to document that I haven't lost focus on my reason for this blog - it wasn't started to support my clothing purchase moratorium - I will document what I did at work yesterday.


My company employs over 4k worldwide. (I think)  Very corporate.  (I adore the movie Office Space, by the way)  We have an internal program for submitting our own ideas regarding things that could be implemented for a positive effect on any number of business related realms.  Me being me, I often, comparatively speaking, submit ideas and they have actually implemented one and considered several for a while before punting, so I haven't done too bad. Anyway, I submitted a new one yesterday.

To be honest, and I was honest on the "idea" form I submitted as well, I stole the idea from another company. It's not the sort of thing that is considered intellectual property or otherwise.  I'm sure "my idea" is already used by many companies, especially the "greener" ones. 

So, I was reading an email from an outside company that was in response to a request I had made earlier and noticed at the very bottom it said  "Please consider the environment before you print this message."  I wasn't planning to print anyway, but the message made me stop and think about 17 (6) different things at once.

1. Woah, I like to consider the enviroment!
2. Now I really don't want to print this!
3. What if everyone in corporate land avoided printing just one thing a day?  (Or more)
4. I like the gentle way it's worded!
5. Why aren't we printing this on the bottom of our emails?
6. Why don't I send this one in?

Naturally, I won't get my hopes never know what the commitee will do, but I sure like the idea!  And it's a perfect N & D theWorld initiative!  (my rationale for the committee was 3 fold:  positive impact on world environment, cost and security)

We will see...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wear What You Have

Brain has gone off on a tangent from the my N&D initiative and wound up in my closet...i just proclaimed on FB that:

"I'm going to go six months without buying new clothes...including shoes, handbags and jewelry! (I will allow myself to purchase clearance items under $10.00 if it's something I'll be able to use in the future, or clothes for the kids, but I won't go out looking for deals.) It's not that I shop all that much; It's just that I realize I really don't need all this stuff."