Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wear What You Have

Brain has gone off on a tangent from the my N&D initiative and wound up in my closet...i just proclaimed on FB that:

"I'm going to go six months without buying new clothes...including shoes, handbags and jewelry! (I will allow myself to purchase clearance items under $10.00 if it's something I'll be able to use in the future, or clothes for the kids, but I won't go out looking for deals.) It's not that I shop all that much; It's just that I realize I really don't need all this stuff."


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Past 24 hours, stress...kid stress...but, still keeping the N & D push  in my mind.  Mindfulness vrs mindlessness.  Self monitor as my MO until it becomes second nature.  

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cut to the chase: How did I N&D my day away?

1. Did not warm the car up for my comfort before leaving for work.  (per a little research I found that cars from the most recent decade or so don't need to be warmed up anyway)
2. Unplugged computer before leaving house.  (kids bitch & moan about this one)
3. Flipped the legal pad over at work to use the backs of all the pages.  Had to strong arm it bit, but it worked. (i suppose this saves my company a penny or two as well)

Yes, little things indeed, but if enough people do 3 little things a my post from 01/10/10 for my geekout on  N & D'ming.

My day is not over yet, BTW.

Typical...more later

I'm thinking Twitter may better serve my purpose.  Have several new things I need to post and am trying to keep it all in my head until I have time.  As I have already noted, I am not a writer: heaven forbid I write anything down!

Working on mindfulness, as opposed to mindlessness, regarding my small routine activities. 

Have to head on to work -  more later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Description that you may be able to relate to...

Commonly occurring argument regarding small things: "What's my (fill in the blank) really going to do?  It won't make enough difference to count."  (Used extensively during political campaigns as well)

Let's look at small things (a re-use of a product, a bag of recycles, a carpool - whatever) in a tangible way. Now let's say each small thing is a penny.

As of 01/2010, the world population is estimated to be over 6 billion.  If you were to receive a penny from each and every person on the planet you would receive over 600 million dollars. Since it is unlikely everyone would give you a penny, let's just consider the population of North America, which is approximately 5% of the world population. You would receive a cool three million if everyone contributed to you.  Even if only half were willing to part with a penny for your personal fund, you would still pull in 1.5 million. If you could get them to donate a penny year after year, you would have a nice little income, no doubt.

Oh, and if instead of pennies, you were given nickels and do the math.

Back story...why this blog?

I am a thinker, not a writer.  Believing I would have to post on a regular basis...ugh!  But, as a thinker - an idea person or what-have-you, and also being mentally scattered, ideas come and go: some good, some not so good...

It's as if fragments of thoughts and/or feelings at an almost sub-conscious level generate, morph and blend and sometimes breakthrough my fantasy world into reality.  An idea epiphany! (Nickel and Dime the World to Life) This time, I don't want to lose it.     (this paragraph is Thick As A Brick)    

This blog serves to document the birth of the idea and the (hopeful) growth of a mindset that can be embraced by even those most closed minded regarding their impact on the world.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I promise you won't have to hear about any more of my "thoughts  and/or feelings".    ;)