Sunday, January 10, 2010

Description that you may be able to relate to...

Commonly occurring argument regarding small things: "What's my (fill in the blank) really going to do?  It won't make enough difference to count."  (Used extensively during political campaigns as well)

Let's look at small things (a re-use of a product, a bag of recycles, a carpool - whatever) in a tangible way. Now let's say each small thing is a penny.

As of 01/2010, the world population is estimated to be over 6 billion.  If you were to receive a penny from each and every person on the planet you would receive over 600 million dollars. Since it is unlikely everyone would give you a penny, let's just consider the population of North America, which is approximately 5% of the world population. You would receive a cool three million if everyone contributed to you.  Even if only half were willing to part with a penny for your personal fund, you would still pull in 1.5 million. If you could get them to donate a penny year after year, you would have a nice little income, no doubt.

Oh, and if instead of pennies, you were given nickels and do the math.

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